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Updated: 2017-03-12


Before purchase, please download the latest version of "Time Album Pro” to check if it can meet your need. Only 3 steps to try the free and brand-new tool. Experience the Geotagging, converting, checking and editing of the tracks.

Step.1 Step.2


Download and install the JAVA Virtual Machine.

  Download and run the "TimeAlbum Pro" 

  For Windows users  (updated: Dec 27, 2016)

  For MacOS & Linux users  (updated: Jun 23, 2016)


Step.3   Download and open the original GPS track files of three scenarios recorded by V-1000.


Walking and driving mixed track, photo attached.


Long distance driving track.


Running track.

Track file format: CSV
Track points: 662pcs
Distance: 12.7km
Photo: 2pcs
Time zone of track: Asia/ Tokyo
Time zone of camera: Asia/ Tokyo


Track file format: GPS
Track points: 2336 pcs
Distance:49.2 km
Time: 39m48s
POI points:5pcs
Time zone of track: Asia/Shanghai


Track file format: CSV
Track points: 451pcs
Distance: 2.75km
Time: 21m32s
Time zone of track: Asia/Shanghai




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