Size and Weight


Weight: 29g (1.0 ounce)  

GPS Performance

Sensitivity better than -165dBm
Built-in active antenna

Positioning Ability*

Cold Start: 35 seconds
Warm Start: 32 seconds
Hot Start: 1 second
Reacquisition: <1 second
Non DGPS (Differential GPS): 2.5m/CEP(50%) 8.0m/CEP(95%)
With DGPS corrected (EGNOS / WAAS): 1.5m/CEP(30-50%) 2.5m/CEP(95%)
*with EPS3 technology


Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Logging Data

Geodesics WGS-84
Latitude: (0.000001 degree)
Longitude: (0.000001 degree)
Altitude: -1,000 ~ 18,000 meters  -3280 ~ 59000 ft (1 meters / 3ft)
Speed: 0 ~ 1,850 km/h; 0~1180 mi/h (0.1km / 0.1mi)
Heading: 0 ~ 359 (1 degree)
Pressure: 300 ~ 1100 hpa (0.1 hpa)
Temperature: -20 ~ +50 °C; -4 ~ 122 °F (1° C / 1°F)

Waypoints Amount*

CSV: 250,000 (Points)
GPX: 170,000 (Points)
GPS: 650,000 (Points)
*The recordable quantity is an approximate value and may slightly vary from different conditions.

Record Modes

Walking (calorie, steps, distance, duration)
Running (calorie, pace, distance, duration)
Cycling (calorie, pace, distance, duration)
By Car (points, distance, duration))
By plane (points, distance, duration)
User Defined (by times, by distance with speed mask)

Power and Battery

Built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Duration times*:
Sensor mode: 1 week; GPS mode: 16 hours
Charging time:  Approx 2.5 hours
Power Supplies: 5V 300mA
* When the "Screen off" starts up.

System Requirements

Internet access
Mac: OS X v10.7 or later
PC: Windows 7 or later
Linux: 2.6.12 or later

Parts Description

Packing List





V-1000 Wearable GPS Data Logger
Micro-USB Cable
Watch Strap (22mm, NATO Standard)
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