"Small and portable to wear on the hand"


V-1000 is very small with lightweight of 29g.


NATO meticulously-woven watchband with sweat-resistant, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant properties is attached along with the unit.


Vehicle-mounted and automatic power on / off.


"Large screen with clear display under the sunshine"

It adopts OLED display screen, easy to read design to read under strong light, optional to close the screen to save power consumption.

"Only 1 second of deviation in 100,000 years"

All-weather GPS time service with only 1 second of deviation in 100,000 years.

"Fast positioning, no need to wait for long"

Most advanced MTK3339 chipset with Columbus's exclusive EPS technology to reach the best comprehensive positioning performance.

"Easy to use"

User friendly UI with easy operation, and it is easy for users of all ages to operate.

"It’s so nice to have the desktop software supporting Mac OS"


Exclusively supports cross-platform desktop software, ahead of the design of like products available in the market. It is seamlessly compatible with PC, Mac OS and Linux system.  Learn more>

"Convenient to check pace and design a running route."

It displays information such as real-time speed, pace, consumption of calories, cumulative distance and time to grasp the sports information. You can also check and plan the running route via TimeAlbum Pro.

"Environmental materials"

The main unit complies with ROHS, and packaging can be recycled, using less printing and disc ,our starting point is to reduce the burden of the earth.

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