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P-1 Mark II Professional GNSS Data Logger


Lane accuracy driving track by P-10 Pro



Multi-constellation positioning capability

GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System.

On the basis of the previous generation, the P-1 Mark II newly supports the Beidou and GLONASS satellite systems.

Compared with the single-constellation GPS positioning system, the GNSS can ensure rapid and effective positioning at any location in the world, while improving positioning accuracy and reliability.


GPS Receiver

There are 31 satellites in the GPS constellation, and only 7-8 satellites can be received at any location*.

P-1 Mark II

It can receive 31 satellites of GPS, 30 of Beidou, 24 of GLONASS, 4 of QZSS, a total of 89 satellites*.

Over 20 satellites* can be received from any location.


*Updated July 2022



Dual mode USB interface

The USB port of P-1 Mark II supports two operating modes: USB disk mode and GNSS receiver mode, which can be automatically switched according to the usage scene.

Cross-platform compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and Linux.

● USB disk mode. Read files from the MicroSD card in P-1 Mark II.

● GNSS receiver mode. P-1 Mark II can be used as an external GNSS receiver, and users can view the real-time location data.

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How much has the performance improved?

What is the positioning accuracy of the P-1 Mark II?

It refers to the high-precision positioning performance that P-1 Mark II can provide: Horizontal direction 1.5m/CEP(50%); 4.0m/CEP(95%).

CEP refers to Circular Error Probable. 1.5m/CEP(50%)* means that the probability of the track points falling within a 1.5m radius is greater than 50%; 4.0m/CEP(95%)* means that the probability of the track points falling within a 4.0m radius is greater than 95%.
*Data from testing in ideal open environments


Static drift test

Test purpose: To evaluate the static drift suppression performance of the receiver (P-1 Mark II config file parameter: Speedmask=OFF).
Test duration: 8 hours
Test time: UTC 2022-04-25 18:00:00 ~ 2022-04-26 01:59:59   |   Average speed: 0.0km/h
Location: On the roof of the building, P-1 Mark II is placed face up, and the GNSS status lamp is blue.
Surroundings: In a 50m radius, there are no objects higher than above-mentioned location.

GPS Receiver

P-1 Mark II

The static drift range is large.
Test value: CEP(50%):2.38m,CEP(95%):5.68m。

The static drift range is small.
Test value: CEP(50%):0.89m,CEP(95%):2.46m。


Low-speed driving track test

Test purpose: Record three consecutive times along the same route to evaluate the smoothness of the low-speed driving track.
Test time: UTC 2022-07-12  18:04:20 ~ 18:11:48   |   Average speed: 6.5 km/h
Location: Under the front windshield of the vehicle, P-1 Mark II is placed face up, and the GNSS status lamp is blue.
Surroundings: Houses and trees are densely distributed nearby.

GPS Receiver

P-1 Mark II

The track is quite different from the actual route, and the three tracks do not completely coincide.

The track is basically the same as the actual route, and the three tracks are basically completely consistent.

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