1. Make sure there are no files under the root directory of the MicroSD card. In the power-off state. Connect P-10 Pro with PC via the data cable. Copy the firmware file”P-10.BIN” to the root directory of the MicroSD card, and eject the device. Disconnect P-10 Pro with PC.
(Do not rename the file"P-10.BIN")

2.In the power-off state, press the "Power button" and the "POI button" simultaneously until you hear 3 short beeps, and the three indicators begin to flash in sequence. After about 1 minute, P-10 Pro will be turned off with a long beep, which indicates that the firmware has been successfully upgraded.


Update History

Version Date Description Download
V1.3 2021/10/10 1. Newly added 5Hz log mode. Click to view configuration details>


V1.2 2021/08/16 1. This version has improved positioning performance and speeds up positioning in harsh environments.


V1.1 2021/07/24 1. Fixed the positioning issue after turning on the on-board Auto on/off.




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