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V-990 can record the real-time travel track of travel fans, such as total distance, travel speed, time and altitude. Travel fans may match a camera (any brand or model), add longitude, latitude and altitude, express photos and the geographical positions of the places where photos are taken on the map software including Flicker and Google Earth/Map, personally prepare vivid illustrated travel notes and directly upload them onto the Internet to share with others.

Click and download examples: KMZ format suitable for view on Google earth


Take V-990 with you when you jog, climb or ride a bike, and after returning home, you can view the accurate data including altitude, speed, total distance and time on PC and play back motion track on the map, thus convenient for motion planning and route arrangement.

Completes data collection work for many investigations: transportation condition monitoring, urban traffic investigation, driving habit research, species ecological system, sociology, consuming behavior, etc.
V-990 provides such track output formats as CSV, KMA, GPX, NMEA and NIKON ViewNX, convenient for secondary application of data. Columbus V-900 has been adopted by many domestic and foreign colleges and universities and scientific research institutions with combining research topics to collect related data.
V-900 has been adopted by: Columbia University, University of San Diego, University of Tennessee ,
Marine Mammal Research.com (MMR),East China Normal University, Beijing Jiaotong University(School of Traffic and Transportation),etc.

Click and download examples: V-990 original track data CSV format (original data recorded by V-990)

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