Product usage


Mapping, surveying and data collection.

Data collection and track logging for vehicle and aircraft.

Recommended speed range

Stationary, walking and slow-speed driving scenarios, when the speed is lower than 50km/h. Especially suitable for low-speed walking scenes below 3km/h.

High-speed scenes with speeds ranging from 30km/h to 1800km/h(18mi/h to 1100mi/h).

Recommended acceleration range

<1 g

>1 g

Update rate

1Hz, 5Hz, default 1Hz*.
*The accuracy is better at 1Hz

1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, default 1Hz.
*The accuracy is better at 1Hz


0.5m/CEP(50%), 1.5m/CEP(95%)

1.5m/CEP(50%), 4.0m/CEP(95%)

Dual-frequency (L1+L5) capability


Not supported