Take "Windows 11" as an example

1. Click to download the driver, and connect the P-9 Race to computer.

2. Right click on the "ubloxGnssUsb.inf" file and select "Install".


3. Open "Device Manager - Sensors", you can see that "u-blox Universal GNSS" has been added.

4. Go to "Settings - Privacy and Security - Location".

5. Activate "Location Services", "Let apps access your location", and select the programs that are allowed to access your location.

6. Run the map software to start using the positioning service provided by the P-9 Race.

7. To restore to a standard USB device, click "Device Manager - Sensors", right-click on "u-blox Universal GNSS", and select "Uninstall Device".

8. Select "Attempt to remove the driver for this device".

9. Disconnect the P-9 Race from the computer and connect it again to restore it to a standard USB device.