Take mobile devices as an example

1. Install "Harry's GPS/OBD Buddy".

2. Open the app and tap "GPS".

3. On the "GPS" page, you can see detailed positioning information.

4. Tap "Signal" to view the satellite information in the current sky.

Take "Windows" as an example

1. Download and run "GnssToolKit">
Change the language to English, then restart the software.

2. Click "SerialPort" - "Port name" - select the port where the P-9 Race is located.

3. Select "View" - "NMEA" to view the received NMEA sentences.

4. Select "View" - "Fix" to view the track.

5. Select "View" - "CN0" to view the received signal strength of each satellite.

6. Select "View" - "Constellation" to view the current position of satellites in the sky.

7. Select "View" - "Data" to view the detailed information of the positioning.

Tip: If you need to start logging, click "Serialport" - "Save".