Note: Compared with 1Hz, 5Hz has a corresponding increase in static drift, which is more suitable for high-speed moving objects such as racing cars, but not suitable for slow-moving use scenarios such as walking.

Take "Windows" as an example

1. Connect to the P-7 Pro on Windows>

2. Download and run "GnssToolKit">
Change the language to English, then restart the software.

3. Select "SerialPort" - "Baudrate" - "57600".

4. Click "Serialport" - "Port name" - select the port where "Enhanced COM Port" is located.

5. Click "View" – "Configuration".

6. Click "Custom message", click "Checksum", type the message "PQSETFIXRATE,5", and finally click "Send".
To modify the position refresh rate to 1Hz, type the message "

7. Type the message "PQSAVEPAR" and click "Send". Disconnect the P-7 Pro's USB power supply and connect it again to complete the modification.




Take "Ubuntu" as an example

1. Connect P-7 Pro to Ubuntu>

2. The following instructions use "moserial Terminal" as an example, but it is also applicable to other programs.

3. Click "Port Setup", set as follows, and click "Connect".

4. Enter "$PQSETFIXRATE,5*0F" in "Outgoing" and click "Send".
If you need to modify it back to 1Hz, please input "
$PQSETFIXRATE,1*0B" and click "Send".

5. Enter "$PQSAVERPAR*43" in "Outgoing" and click "Send".

6. Enter "$PQHOT*52" in "Outgoing" and click "Send" to complete the modification.