Take "Windows" as an example

Note: The accuracy test of the P-7 Pro must be tested at 1Hz update rate.
The test environment is a place with open sky (not near a window).
Testing is to be performed after the P-7 Pro has been positioned. The entire test requires at least 1 hour (3,600 seconds) of data.

1. Connect to the P-7 Pro on Windows>

2. Download and run "GnssToolKit">
Change the language to English, then restart the software.

3. Select "SerialPort" - "Baudrate" - "57600".

4. Click "Serialport" - "Port name" - select the port where "Enhanced COM Port" is located.

5. Click "View" – "Configuration".

6. Click "Custom message", click "Checksum", type the message "PQCFGCLAMPING,1,0", and finally click "Send".

7. Type the message "PQHOT", and click "Send".

8. Choose "View" – "Fix". On the "Fix View" window, right-click, click Show/Hide gizmo, and select "Follow current point".

9. In the positioning status, in a static state and wait for 1 hour, and more than 3,600 points (1 hour) are displayed in the upper left corner. Right-click on the page and select "Edit center location".

10. Click "Fill with average".

11. Click "Calculate" in the lower right corner to display the statistical results.



The P-7 Pro can provide: horizontal direction 0.5m/CEP(50%); 1.5m/CEP(95%).
CEP refers to Circular Error Probable. 0.5m/CEP(50%)* means that the probability of the track points falling within a 0.5m radius is greater than 50%; 1.5m/CEP(95%)* means that the probability of the track points falling within a 1.5m radius is greater than 95%.

The positioning accuracy displayed in the traditional navigation software is based on the single-frequency receiver, which is converted according to the HDOP value. This accuracy value is not applicable to the dual-frequency GNSS receiver P-7 Pro.
When the P-7 Pro is used on traditional navigation software, we can roughly convert the HDOP value into positioning accuracy.
Example: When HDOP=1.0, the positioning accuracy is approximately equal to 0.5x1.0=0.5m/CEP(50%); when HDOP=2.0, the positioning accuracy is approximately equal to 0.5x2.0=1.0m/CEP(50%), And so on.