Take "Windows" as an example

1. Connect to the P-7 Pro on Windows>

2. Download and run "GnssToolKit">
Change the language to English, then restart the software.

3. Select "SerialPort" - "Baudrate" - "57600".

4. Click "Serialport" - "Port name" - select the port where "Enhanced COM Port" is located.

5. Click "View" – "Configuration".

6. Click "Custom Message", select "Checksum", enter the message "PQSETBAUD,57600", and finally click "Send".
To configure to other baud rates, please refer to point 7.

7. The baud rate and corresponding message are as follows.

8. Select "Serial Port" - "Baud Rate" - select the modified baud rate.

baud rate message
9,600bps PQSETBAUD,9600
19,200bps PQSETBAUD,19200
38,400bps PQSETBAUD,38400
57,600bps PQSETBAUD,57600
115,200bps PQSETBAUD,115200
230,400bps PQSETBAUD,230400
460,800bps PQSETBAUD,460800

1. The Bluetooth function can only work properly when the baud rate is set to 57,600bps.
2. When the update rate is 5Hz, the baud rate cannot be lower than 38,400bps.



9. Type the message "PQSAVEPAR" and click "Send" to complete the modification.