Bluetooth Connection

Connect with the power bank during portable use.
Connect with the car charger while driving.




Take "Android 11" as an example

1. Clik to install Bluetooth GNSS>

2. Set Bluetooth GNSS to "Select mock location app". Click for details>

3. Go to "Settings" - "Bluetooth".

4. Click on "P-7 Pro SPP".

5. Click "Pair".

6. Paired successfully.

7. Run Bluetooth GNSS, click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

8. Click "Select...".

9. Click "P-7 Pro SPP" and click "Save".

10. Click the icon in the lower right corner.

11. "Connected" indicates that the connection has been successful.

12. Open the map app, and you can obtain precise positioning information through the P-7 Pro.



Tip: To start logging, click the "gear" in the upper right corner and select "Enable logging".