TimeAlbum™ Pro

"TimeAlbum™ Pro" is co-developed by Columbus and RouteConverter, a famous GPS software in Germany.
Equipped with the most advanced track editing function and personalized settings with the ability to provide the latest and multiple maps, "TimeAlbum™ Pro" can assist in your background work, and can efficiently convert, manage and plan the tracks.
"TimeAlbum™ Pro" is free and will be timely updated. It's suitable for P-1 Mark II and other data loggers of Columbus.

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  Over 14 map patterns to view the tracks: Google Maps, Google Satellite, OSM Map, OSM Contour Map, etc.
  Four commonly used statistical charts to analyze track data: time-speed, time-altitude, distance-speed, and distance-altitude.
  A brand-new track list to show information of tracking data.
  Brand-new display of tracks which includes: special points such as the start point and end point of tracks, POI point, photo point, voice point (V-900/V-990 recording) and P point (parking point).
  Personalized settings on checking, editing and converting of the tracks.
  Support for over 20 GPS track file formats, as well as formats converting of common GPS data loggers in the market.
  Upgraded Geotagging. The Geotagging and view are more convenient, and you can view the shooting location and EXIF information directly on the map.
  GPS coordinates added to the EXIF information of the digital photo, which supports most common models of digital cameras in the market.
  Additional function: automatic correction of deviation problem of Google Maps and Google Satellite in Mainland China.
  In 16 languages.
  Compatible with the whole series of Columbus GPS data logger: V-900, V-990 ,V-1000 ,P-1, and P-10 Pro.
  Easy to install with cross-platform and extensive compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  Supporting the metric, imperial, and nautical mile systems.