If you encounter the following situations during use, it means that the current MicroSD card may have compatibility issues:

1. The device crashes / shuts down after waking up from sleeping (when the motion detection mode is turned on).

2. The device crashes / shuts down after waking from standby (when spy mode is turned on).

3. The device crashes / shuts down during logging and does not respond to key presses.

4. The device automatically shuts down during the recording process.

5. The original track file is incomplete or has mojibake.

The following MicroSD cards are recommended (not limited to the following models):

Authentic memory cards from most well-known manufacturers, and cards purchased from regular channels.

Please note that the format of the MicroSD card supported by the device is "FAT16/FAT32", and the format of "EXT FAT" is not supported. If the capacity of the MicroSD card is 64GB or above, it needs to be formatted according to the instructions first, click here for details>

Sandisk Ultra

Sandisk Extreme

Sandisk Industrial





amazon basics

Do not recommend the following MicroSD cards (not limited to the following models):

Cards with fake capacity and prices that are significantly lower than average, no-brand cards, and cards that are not well-known brands.

Not well-known brands

No-brand cards 1

No-brand cards 2

No-brand cards 3