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When you use the unit on your car, the 2m-long charging (auto ON/OFF) cable enables device to follow the power status of the car cigarette lighter socket and start up and shut down automatically, that is, the unit will be turned on/off as soon as you turn on/off the ignition switch.



V-900 is built in with a 66-channel MTKII* super single chipset. With a reception sensitivity of up to -165dbm, it can easily fix positions anywhere in your car. If you bring it with you, you also can use it to fix positions in relatively unfavorable outdoor environments. For the first time, V-900 uses EPS* technology, which to some degree, improves the GPS position accuracy and reduce static drift.

*From May, 2010. Before MTKI.
*EPS stands for Enhanced Positioning System, a positioning technology we have specially developed for the device.

V-900 is designed with a concept of “user-friendly manipulation”, which is embodied by its audible and visual alerts that indicate the Bluetooth connection status, card plugging and unplugging, initiation of audio recording, over-speed alarm, mode changeover, and other operations. With these agile alerting lights and audios, you will experience the convenience and pleasure brought about by technologies.



1) Quality materials: V-900 is made from 316L stainless steel and polycarbonate. The entire bottom cover is finely polished and processed through a 15-step procedure. The pure 361L stainless steel contains no nickel and is mostly used in top-grade watches and rare pens. Touch and feel the smooth, premium texture of V-900 back cover.
2) Designed to every detail: Three colorful status LEDs give elegance to the florid, mirror-faced carbon black top cover.
All sides are textured for aesthetics and strong endurance against wear.
All buttons and card slot on V-900 are original products of Japanese ALPS, providing excellent sense of touch and allowing a life cycle of dozen thousands of repeated manipulations.
3) Accessories: The manufacturer offers a top-grade velour leather sleeve and an adjustable hand strap to best carry and protect your device in outdoor applications.


V-900 is built in with a 1000mAh Li-polymer battery, which allows for hundreds of charge-discharge cycles. Depending on your selected operating mode, the battery duration may be: *
----Navigation & Track log Mode: 13-15 hours
----Navigation Mode: 15-17 hours
----Track log Mode: 20-24 hours
----Spy Mode: Up to 30 days

* Testing data in an ideal environment. Duration is subject to the environment of use, operating mode, positioning status, and data format.



V-900 comes with “Time Album” software that enables easy management of journey track information. With a user-friendly interface and simple operation, the software is advantageous over its general counterparts for format conversion.
Your journey photos and voice records can be integrated with travel tracks simply and easily, and then clearly demonstrated in a map to present your memorable, exciting journey at a glance.
With excellent compatibility across multiple platforms, it can run on a PC, or on a Mac or Linux operating system.